The App Factory
Ruby on Rails
Development Workshop

September 1-2, 2016
Propella Business Incubator
Port Elizabeth

Join us on September 1-2 at Propella Business Incubator for a 2-days workshop to learn how to develop your next web application with Ruby on Rails. You will learn the basics of Ruby and use a "Real Wold"™ example to learn the key principles of Rails and its ecosystem. Learn more here.

The workshop is organised by the ICT4G guys from FBK, Italy and will be hosted at Propella Business Incubator [map]. This workshop is made possible by a grant from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

how to register

RSVP Kim Edwards at Propella (kedwards at propellaincubator dot coza) by August 31st at 14:00

don't forget

Get your laptop ready! During the workshop you will find yourself writing some ruby code, so you will need to install a few things. Just follow these instructions!

stay up to date

Keep an eye for updates to this website and refer to Kim Edwards at Propella (kedwards at propellaincubator dot coza) for info about the logistics of the workshop.

And don't forget to follow us and tweet about the workshop!

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Looking for the 2015 edition? Head to the old website.